Black Gold Collections

Allan Hancock lived from 1875 to 1965. The Hancock collection shows photos of Allan Hancock, Allan Hancock’s family, and Allan Hancock’s contributions and influences throughout his life and career. There are pictures of his mother Ida, his son Bertram, his daughter Rosemary, and his wife Marian Mullin Hancock. The collection also contains several photos of Hancock College of Aeronautics. Hancock was involved in both ocean research and flight training. The collection includes photos of the Velero II, Velero III, Velero IV, benthoscope, and benthograph used in ocean exploration and ocean photography. Additionally, the collection includes photos of trainers and cadets at Hancock College, photos of flight training equipment, and photos of Hancock Field. The collection as a whole displays a pictorial story of Hancock’s life and demonstrates Allan Hancock’s contribution to Santa Maria history.